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Dagstuhl Ubicomp - Breakout Session

Context Modeling

Chair: Joelle Courtaz

Although context is recognized as a first class concept in ubiquitous computing, there is no clear working definition that could lead to a sound computational model for the development of context-sensitive systems.

Firstly, the group discussed a number of issues and notions related to that of context: What is a situation? How does it relate to a task and a context? Is there a need for revisiting task modelling as well as its role in the design process?

Secondly, the group looked into a taxonomy of context widgets (or contextors) based on A. Dey's and J. Coutaz's work, including aggregators and abstractors (interpreter).

See the summary slides of the context modeling group.


N. Streitz, , M.Beigl, A. Dey, B. Schiele, M. Langheinrich, L.E. Holmquist, A. Schmidt, A. Gershman, J. Coutaz


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