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Dagstuhl Ubicomp - Breakout Session

Context - Architectural Issues

Chair: Gaetano Boriello

We first identified several issues in ubiquitous computing architectures:

  1. ambiguity and conflict (data fusion issues)
  2. push v. pull
  3. prediction / history
  4. what the context is relative to, people or a space (and hierarchy or granularity of these domains)
  5. context of an group, especially if it is dynamic (i.e. people come and go)
  6. operators: aggregation, filters
  7. tools for building
  8. user interface of system to users
  9. discovery, inference
  10. privacy and security
  11. performance (especially latency)
  12. modeling

We then broke into groups to explore what potential architectures would look like for each of four applications, including a chip fab line, a home theater, a laboratory, and a travel assistant. This turned out to be a very useful exercise, because it crispened the issues involved, and made the rationale and usefulness of toolkits such as anind's very obvious. Lots of work still needs to be done in this area, e.g. to model sensor failure modes, to properly define API's, etc. (Notes by Kurt Partridge)

See also the summary slide by Elgar Fleisch



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