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Dagstuhl Ubicomp - Abstract

Perceptual Context Awareness through Wearable and Distributed Sensors

Bernt Schiele, ETH Zurich

The next generation of computers might be literally wearable. Our vision of such a wearable computing device is an intelligent assistant which is always with you and helps you to solve your every day tasks. Besides size and power, an important challenge is how to interact with wearable computers. An important aspect of a wearable device is that it can perceive the world from a first-person perspective: a wearable camera can see what you see and and a wearable microphone can hear what you hear in order to analyze, model and recognize things and people which are around you. A promising direction for interaction with wearable computers is therefore to make the computers more aware of the situation the user is in and to model the user's context. Sensors, such as cameras, mounted to the user's glasses, can recognize what the user is looking at and might model what the user is doing. More recently we also work on using a large numbers of different sensors distributed in the environment in order to model the context of the environement.


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