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Dagstuhl Ubicomp - Abstract

Context-Awareness, Disappearing and Distributed User Interfaces - Experience, Open Issues and Research Questions

Albrecht Schmidt, Lancaster University, UK

The talk summarizes experiences, open issues, and research questions in the area of context-awareness, disappearing and distributed user interfaces. The discussion is based on several research projects namely TEA-Phone, TEA-wearable computer, proactive environments, context phone book, and aware goods. The question what context is and how context can be described is raised. The talk shows architectures and distribution concepts for context. Issues related to sensors, sensing, and perception are discussed. How to build context-aware systems that support simulation and debugging is a further question that is illustrated in the talk. The evaluation of Ubicomp systems is a central problem in this research field with many open questions. Finally the problem of cross-field developments and interwoven engineering is addressed.


ETH ZurichDistributed Systems Group
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