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Crowdsourcing Accessibility (B/M/L)

Status: Offen

Developing accessible websites is a difficult job that is frequently not done well. Even testing for accessibility problems is difficult, costly, time consuming, or erroneous depending on the approach you select. However, we believe that tasks such as accessibility evaluations, quality assurance, and so on, can be deconstructed into a series of micro-judgements that do not require much context, which can then be combined using automated methods. We are planning to use crowdsourcing sites, such as Amazon's mechanical turk, to handle these micro-judgements, and to combine them using a combination of heuristics and machine learning. The result should be a low cost and fast way to assess the accessibility of websites, something that is badly needed if the web is to become a truly universal resource.

Contact: Prof. Jennifer Mankoff (

Contact/Ansprechpartner: Prof. Jennifer Mankoff

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