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Wilhelm Kleiminger
Dr. sc. ETH Zurich

ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)
Department of Computer Science
Distributed Systems Group
ETH Zentrum, CNB H
Universitätsstrasse 6
CH-8092 Zürich

fax:+41 44 632 16 59

Wilhelm Kleiminger


Short Curriculum Vitae

Wilhelm Kleiminger was a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich from June 2015 to June 2016. Wilhelm joined ETH Zurich as a PhD candidate in August 2010 and successfully defended his doctoral thesis in April 2015.

His research interests include deriving occupancy information from opportunistic sensors such as smartphones and smart electricity meters in order to integrate this information into a smart heating system. In 2013, his interests led him to join Professor Anind Dey's HCI institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh as a guest researcher.

Prior his PhD studies, Wilhelm obtained his MEng (Computing) degree from Imperial College London in 2010. In his Master’s thesis he worked on stream processing under the supervision of Dr Peter Pietzuch.

Research Interests

My research at ETH Zurich focussed on how to extract context information from opportunistic sensors in order to reduce the energy consumption in domestic households.
  • Opportunistic Sensing: Making use of existing heterogeneous sensors (e.g. smart electricity meters and smart phones) within the Internet of Things.
  • Context-awareness: Extracting and acting upon context information from networked sensors (i.e. inferring occupancy from the electric load curve).
  • Smart Energy: Saving energy in households through smart heating.

We have published an OpenWrt package that allows for obtaining measurements from SML-based smart electricity meters.

*NEW* We have now released the full ECO data set (Electricity Consumption and Occupancy). Please refer to our paper on occupancy detection from electricity consumption data for further information on the occupancy ground truth.


FS 2016 FS 2015
  • Informatik II
FS 2014
  • Informatik II
HS 2012
  • Distributed Systems
FS 2012
  • Informatik II
HS 2011
  • Distributed Systems
FS 2011
  • Informatik II
HS 2010
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Available projects

Supervised student projects

Completed Projects

M The Comfstat – Automatically sensing thermal comfort for smart heating Liliana BarriosWilhelm KleimingerFS 16
L Smart Heating System in Residential Areas Michael Spiegel,
Samuel Schmid
Wilhelm KleimingerHS 15
M Opportunistic Sensing for Smart Heating Control Systems Marc HueppinWilhelm KleimingerFS 15
B High-Frequency Sensing and Analysis of the Power Line in Households Tino BurriChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
B Web-based Energy Consumption Data Dashboard Zeno KollerChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 15
B eVisualizer – Visualisation of Household Electricity Consumption Data Christian StuecklbergerWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
B Visualization Workbench for Energy Consultants based on Electricity Consumption Data Michael SpiegelWilhelm Kleiminger,
Christian Beckel
FS 13
B Open Metering for Commercial Buildings Andreas BrauchliChristian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 13
M Open Metering Daniel PauliWilhelm KleimingerFS 12
L Smart Meters in the Field - A Sensor Framework for a Real World Deployment Sara Kilcher,
Andreas Dröscher
Christian Beckel,
Wilhelm Kleiminger
FS 12


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